Three Common Causes of Work-Related Accidents During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, work-related injuries also increase during this festive time. Here are three of the most common causes of work-related accidents during the holiday:


The holidays increase the pace of work in many industries, including hotels and restaurants. Workers in the home renovation industry also experience an increase in business as homeowners want to have their homes look their best for the holidays and often seek shorter deadlines for completion. Employers and workers alike frequently sacrifice caution in the rush to complete projects or attend to patrons. This can lead to falls, power tool injuries, and lifting accidents.

Holiday Decorating

Whether they occur while decorating the office or the lobby of a large building, injuries due to decorating for the holidays are common for workers. These accidents can range from an office worker falling from a ladder while hanging tinsel to a maintenance worker suffering electrical injuries while installing decorative strung lights to workers sustaining spinal injuries while hauling a Christmas tree into the lobby of an apartment or government building.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Online purchases increase exponentially during the holiday. This means an increase in deliveries and, therefore, an increase in motor vehicle accidents. This is exacerbated by the need to deliver by certain time frames, which inspires workers to rush. Increased deliveries not only lead to more time driving, which statistically leads to more chances for an accident, but also to longer workdays, which easily lead to driver fatigue. Drowsy driving reduces response time, makes it harder for drivers to avoid accidents, and takes away from focus and caution behind the wheel.

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We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!