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Light Duty Work Under Florida Workers' Compensation

Q: What is light duty work?

When an authorized physician has released you to work, but with restrictions on the ability to perform work, or what you can carry, lift, or walk or stand, your employer is supposed to provide a job for you within those restrictions. This is commonly known as "light duty work." If they cannot accommodate you, then you will be entitled to Temporary Partial Disability benefits as long as you have not reached the point of maximum medical improvement. In order to make sure that you're being properly compensated, you should consult an attorney who regularly practices in the workers' compensation area.

Q: If I return to light duty work, can my employer reduce my rate of pay?

Yes. Once you are injured, essentially you become a pawn to the workers' compensation system. This is why it's critically important to make sure that you are seeking out appropriate legal counsel to perfect your rights and remedies. Oft times you are released to light duty work, and the employer indicates through their workers' compensation carrier that light duty work is available. We advise our clients that you must return and make a good faith effort even though returning to work in a light duty capacity could result in you receiving less money than you were making at the time of your injury.

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